Thursday, August 30, 2007

In the Beginning there was the Blog

God's children walked around confused and lost after the Tower of Babel fell. Then Chris answered the plight and said "Let there be a blog.", and there was a blog.


ccb said...

Jason Eisner has a nice demo in his intro to computer science class where he uses n-gram models over letters to generate text. As n gets higher it starts introducing real English words. The funny thing is he's trained his model on the Book of Genesis and the Communist Manifesto so the resulting text is strikingly bazaar. Your "In the Begging" post reminded me of it.

alopez said...

I always imagine that someone attending a *CL conference for the first time will get the mistaken impression that machine translation was invented in 1993. The gospel reads...

"In the beginning, there was the WORD"

"On the second day, Och created the PHRASE"

The next major event in the story depends on what church you belong to.