Thursday, August 30, 2007

Welcome to the StatMT Blog

Welcome to the StatMT blog, a blog for the statistical machine translation community!

Given the success of other research blogs, such as Hal Daume's NLP blog, we felt that MT research community would be well served by a blog of its own. We have started this blog to facilitate communication among MT researchers and to serve as a clearing house for information of interest to us. We encourage participation from folks in other fields who have insight into or thoughts on problems in machine translation.

This blog should be primarily be forum for the discussion of ideas. We anticipate offering posts on the following topics:
  • Research ideas.
  • Conference "best-of" lists.
  • Noteworthy results that have less theoretical interest, but would still be important to share with the broader research community.
  • Negative results that might not otherwise be published.
  • MT in the media.
We will begin by restricting posts to the blog's authors and encouraging discussion in the comments sections of the relevant posts. But, we extend an enthusiastic invitation to anyone who might want to do a "guest post" either now or in the future to email us! We'll do our best to keep this interesting.

If you use an RSS reader, we offer a post feed and a comment feed for this blog:

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